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Hashshiny provides your brand with powerful ways to reach the cryptocurrency market. 

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Audience targeting

Advertise with us to expose your brand to millions of cryptocurrency enthusiasts around the world.


How do I advertise with hashshiny?

3 easy steps! 

1. Get in touch with us to discuss your needs.

2. Upload an ad banner or let us design a banner for you.

3. Choose an ad plan, and pay!

How do I pay for my ad?

Only BTC are accepted as a method of payment. 

When will my ad appear?

Ad appear online after review by our editor. Please allow 1 business days for this review process.

Will I have access to any reports about my ad campaign?

Hashshiny provides ad reports on the status and progress of each of your campaigns. Basic reporting includes the following: Campaigns name, Start date, End date, Total impressions served to date, Total clicks, Total CTR (Click Thru Rate), Email marketing report, Additional metrics (country, etc.)

How do I make my ad more effective?

1. Be compelling. Banner ads have to be eye-catching enough to attract attention. Only then does your marketing message have the opportunity to break through. 

2. Be concise. At any given moment, someone might see a banner ad and only pay attention to it for a moment. In that moment, be concise to make sure your message sticks.

3. Be clear. Banner ads tend to be relatively small, so you don't always have a lot of space to work with. Don't try to say too much; the ad may just end up looking cluttered. Instead, clearly communicate a single marketing message about a single product. The need for clarity goes for call-to-actions, too.

Is my paid ad refundable?

sorry. Once your ad has been processed and posted online, it is not refundable. you may edit it at any time by logging in to your account.